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Grateful that I have had the experience of electrolysis.
I now feel confident in a BEARDLESS life!!
-Mary Bohne

I would like to start with how amazing everyone is here. I was apprehensive the first time I set up a consultation. I came in hopeful, yet skeptical. I had originally tried laser hair removal and found that my facial hair was thicker and darker as a result. I was so distressed over this. After meeting Ashlee for the first time, she put me at ease and discussed my hair situation in detail. She assured me electrolysis was a great choice for my needs. She explained the process and gave me accurate information on how electrolysis worked. So, with a greater sense of confidence, I set up my first apt.
Let’s just say I was wowed! Everything was far easier than I expected. I saw results in real time. Mind you, this is not a one and done procedure. It takes time. This was all disclosed to me on my consultation. I knew what to expect and how to proceed thanks to the knowledgeable and skilled individuals at this wonderful place.
I’ve had the privilege to meet and be worked on by Ashley, the backbone and heart of this place; Londa, a skilled and personable individual who makes you feel instantly at home; and Amber, the newest addition to the Electrolysis Center family, who brings a sense of wonder and kindness to this already warm environment.
I highly recommend the Electrolysis Center. Here you will find a cozy environment, with skilled, knowledgeable individuals, who are passionate about helping you achieve your hair loss goals. I have personally seen the results electrolysis can provide. Through experience I have witnessed how electrolysis can help you feel empowered in achieving permanent hair loss. Thanks to Ashlee, Londa, and Amber, I have regained a sense of confidence in myself and in my appearance. If you are looking for real results, with trustful, skilled individuals, Electrolysis Center is the place to go for your hair loss dreams.
-Shan Pearso